New to CrossFit?

New to CrossFit?

New to CrossFit? You've come to the right place! At CrossFit View, over 50% of our athletes are either new to CrossFit, or new to working out. We understand that you'll have questions and concerns, and we'd like to help answer those right away so you feel comfortable contacting us to get started with your free week!

First visit, come 10 minutes early before class: At CrossFit View, we ask that you come 10 minutes early before your first class. We'll introduce ourselves to you, give you a tour of the gym, and chat with you about any concerns or health issues we should be aware of before you start training. We always want you to feel welcomed, safe, and protected as you begin training with us!

Class Training: After we've met with you and spoken about any concerns you have, we ask you to join the group class. Each class is taught the entire time by an instructor. You will always be coached every step of the way. The first part of the class will include a warm up of stretching, led by a coach. After the warm up we spend 15-20 minutes completing a weightlifting movement together, also coached. The class concludes with cardio for the remaining 15 - 20 minutes, again instructed by a coach. At the end of the class, you will be lead through a cool down that includes stretching. The class is 1 hour long, and always follows this structure.

What to bring with you: Comfortable clothes to work out in and a water bottle.

Is everyone experienced or are there new people in the classes: At CrossFit View, 50% of our athletes are completely new to CrossFit training, or even to working out. We have a mix of people at all fitness levels. The great thing about CrossFit is that each movement can be adapted to each person's fitness level. All are welcome here, and we know how to help you train safely at the fitness level you start with.

How does the free week work: We believe that you should have a good opportunity to see what our gym is all about! That takes more than a single class! We want you to train with us for 5 or 6 days for free, so you can see the gym, understand the fitness training, and make sure you love the coaching.

What if I want to sign up after my free week: That's great! We would love to be your gym, and help you reach your fitness goals! There are different membership pricing options available, and they look like this:

10 Class Punch Card: $120

Individual Monthly Membership with Unlimited Group Classes: $135

Individual Monthly Membership with Unlimited Group Classes Two or more Sign up (Friends or your family): $115/each

Personal Training: If you'd like to start without the group, you can also purchase personal training with one of our coaches. Each session is one hour. You can start new with us by purchasing the personal training if you'd like to start one-on-one, or if you'd like specific skill work assistance. The personal training session pricing options are:

1 Sixty Minute Session: $60, 3 Sixty Minute Sessions: $150

Why is CrossFit View Right For You: The simple answer is we care. We care about everyone who comes through our doors and we're dedicated to helping you reach your goals - no matter what they might be. Through every class with us, you'll rely on a community of supporters who have your back and push you (safely) to be at your very best.

Contact us to start your free week and begin training with the best CrossFit classes in Salem today!

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