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Justin Long, Fitness Instructor

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Justin Long

Dad, friend, brother, sober, and off-the-wall crazy are the words I feel best describe me as a person. I was born in Salem, Oregon, and my fitness journey started for me seven years ago when I weighed in at 200 pounds. I was eating very unhealthy and overall was very depressed. I found that fitness (and CrossFit specifically) helped me release a ton of pent-up anxiety and put me down a path to a healthy lifestyle.


My goal as a coach at Crossfit view is to lead in such a way that makes everyone feel comfortable walking in the door. For me, fitness has been a fantastic tool to deal with my anxiety and stress. I want to try my best as a coach to ensure everyone I encounter gets the same chances I did regarding fitness and leading an overall healthy lifestyle. This was the gift I was given when I walked in the doors almost four years ago, and it's a gift I feel privileged to pass on to others. The reason I coach is straightforward: I enjoy helping people regardless of their skill level. My goal with every class is to make each person feel safe and welcomed when you walk in the doors...PS don't be surprised if you even have a little fun now and again ;)

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