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Tiffany Garcia, Fitness Instructor

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Tiffany Garcia

I've participated in sports my whole life, with volleyball being my primary sport in school. Once I was done with school sports, I needed something to fill my competitive void. This hunger brought me to try CrossFit in 2012, and I have never looked back.

I became a CrossFit Level-1 coach in 2016 and am now a CrossFit Level-2 coach. My reasons are simple; I fell in love with CrossFit's training modality and health philosophy.

I earned my bachelor's in Exercise Science and master's in Clinical Nutrition. I work as a Wellness Coordinator for a retirement Village, run my nutrition consulting business, Built Better Health LLC, and coach as a CrossFit L-2 Coach. I am passionate about helping others improve their quality of life through physical movement and nutrition, and I believe CrossFit embodies just that. In my spare time, I enjoy all things CrossFit (training, competing, coaching), spending time outdoors with my pup, and being with my friends and family.

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